Sunday, April 21, 2013

Me/her/my-other-dimension-self? Anya 2.0

 Philosophical me says:
Have you ever wanted to be that girl?  You know..the one who is perfect and everything you aren't?
(im sorry if you are a guy, i don't guys feel that way?...i think thats blogger suicide to say that, because nowadays it sounds like you have to be a guru in your own subject to blog about it..but i admit, i have no idea about howanyone else feels about what im talking about, i just wanted to know f anyone could going off topic again so)
That (again) girl for me is confident and fun and she laughs all the time + when she smiles, the whole world stops and stares for a while(okay i think thats the girl Bruno Mars sings about, not me/her/my-other-dimension-self)i dont know how long I have wanted to be her, but she is the best me i can imagine myself to be.

I dont know whether anyone else actually feels that way but im gonna make her-the other me, that alternate universe me, im gonna make her real. But i dont know whether im gonna be faking it or actually ive been faking it all this time and im actually gonna become the real me(okay hat doesnt make any sense) All i want to know is whether the perfect me (lets call her Anya 2.0) is the me im supposed to be, can i be that funny and confident girl who can talk to anybody whenever she wants
or am i destined to be that quiet girl who has a lot to say but cant really work up the courage to say it to anyone? Is Anya 2.0 hiding behind that mask or is it just my imagination?

to be or not to be
I dont know why im feeling the loss of all this confidence, i feel like a smaller me right now and im ready for Anya 2.0 to come and take the stage and blow them all away.. Not even a feel-good chick flick could save me, someone has to come and take me :/

Am I gonna be that girl behind a mask all my life or am i ready for a transformation?

Teenage me says:
I feel cheesy and weird... is this a mood or is this a wacko brain thing that happens when you hit your head? i dont know...but even if it doesnt pass im gonna have to deal with it.
i sound like my old drama teacher lol

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pool people

So i was at the pool today (no it isnt a community pool but i live in an apartment so i tend to have to share it with other people) and i managed to get a lot of my "people-observing" done...some people may call it stalking but i am NOT doing any harm just looking...ok i admit it might be on the verge of staring but im only doing it because i find it all too interesting.

My cover: i was "tanning" and doing some "sketching" (hence the ugly rose which is in fact a    scanned version of my drawing...whenever someone gave me an extra careful look i ducked down immediately, pretending to have gotten a sudden inspiration)

I dont think what i was doing was wrong in any way but i figured people might find it weird of they caught a swimsuit clad girl with a clipboard and lopsided(though i didnt know they were lopsided until i got back home) sunglasses looking at them with interest (NOT staring).

I was there for the whole day (ive got white rings around my eyes where my sunglasses used to be) so i got to see a large number of different types of people:
  • The Groups: Spring break is here and it looks like there a lot of people visiting...These people were the least suspicious, I could have taken off my shades and stared right at them and they wouldn't have minded. The group I saw today consisted of two busty (and when i say busty, I mean nobody-would-notice-their-face busty)girls and a two super cocky and super hot guys all under the supervision of their mama who was totally strutting her stuff in that barely fitting swimsuit(im sry about that, i just gotta vent on them in some way...those boys kept checking me out and those girls were such bitches!!)
  • The Tanners: They look like they already have a perfect year-round tan going on there but hey! everyone wants more :) Equipped with skimpy swimming costumes, large dinky jewellery, chunky sunglasses, jimmy choos (i know...the poor things)and the all-important smartphone, all they do is look bored and text, i worry that theyre wasting a lot of time because i dont think the sun cn get through all that primer and foundation to tan their skins.
  • The Surfers: I know what your thinking...surfers at the pool? But theres no other way to describe em, complete with their perfect bodies, bathing trunks, unnecessarily Australian accents ("dude its awesome in here blah..blah..dude! duuuuuuuuuude...") and AMAZING swimming skills...(btw they were the only ones who actually managed to SWIM in the pool today) These dudes even managed to get the otherwise uninterested tanners to look up from US! Weekly and The Vogue or from their constant tweeting (#BoredAndAtThePool or #tanning)
Thats all i managed to get today (with a price of being checked out by people totally not my age and having to have been forced into an intense staring competition with some hot random guy with a face that only said one thing- "Im here for everyone to see my abs and see my abs they will do"(it secretly also seemed to be saying "or else..." that was scary)

But i would really have to take this opportunity to thank my sunglasses i think i wore them out today, but they are the ultimate weapon when u want to look at someone and dont wanna be caught looking,
(might i point out that aviators, while they never go out of fashion are totally give you away in case u ever wanna do what i did today so thats why i think chunky girl shades are the best! go prada!!)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lifes what you make it so lets make it rock! yes i did just quote hannah montana

i read that and went, "Omigod!!thats soo perfect!!!"...i admit that this isn't equal to an actual good old-fashioned-legs-on-the-wall-in-my-pjs loooong chat with my friend on the phone but then, I dont think i should be complaining should I?

So heres the story....for a while my inbox has been spammed by my friends who're feeling totally guilty about ignoring me because they have to study so much nowadays (yeah thts a weird word...isnt it?)

But everyone of these make you feel soo much better, like the best way outta what i call the "blues" (i cant believe they named a genre of music aftr my version of depression!)

Thats my bestfriend,
she even sent me a video of us singing hannah montana
(imagine 2 pre-pubic girls, in shimmery disco clothes which id stolen from my grand-dads closet...we arent very good singers either..i tried out for the school choir 3 years in a row nd apparently my singing voice didnt have enough melody..isnt that brutal?
That ones my ex hes just trying to make me feal like a dramatic movie star

sometimes this makes me feel really special :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We all have those days..

The world feels like a big deep deep ocean to me today, i want to be able to belong here but thats not whats happening, im only becoming more and more distant everyday. I feel lost and crazy, today is my day for tears. I guess its just one of those days right? I keep telling myself that things will get better but will they? But there are tons of lonely people and they carry it off so elegantly, so beautifully...i give off this needy vibe, i know i do.

If i am going to be that lonely girl, then i want to be that one who sits at the coffe place, sipping here drink and staring out of her window with this movie-star look in her eyes...
I dont want to be that girl who is hiding in the library because she doesn't want to be seen by anyone

Will thing be okay for me? i really dont know..the worst thing s that i dont have anyone to comfort me, i dont have anyone who would tell me that i am not alone, with my best friends all slaving away, studying, i don't know what to do.

Sitting at home, reading inspirational quotes which my friends send me because they are far too busy studying to say to my face, it really puts the cherry on top of my very miserable day...
But hey, it happens to everyone right?