Sunday, May 19, 2013

If wishes were atoms i would be made of them

A little shiver runs down my spine as i walk bare foot on the dewy grass, its 3:09 am (i checked my phone...i wasnt being all natural) and im on a mission....
             Early sunlight in my eyes, wind in my hair....ahhh, (in case you're wondering where i am, i am not in this perfectly amazing orchard place with trees but on the tiny patch of grass next to the road on main street)
             The sun is only jus rising, so part of the sky is still pretty dark. In fact, if i look up, the sky is cu about half way, one part day, the other night..(i would have taken a picture but i really didnt want to break the spell)
pls dont imagine half-day-half-night this way

Anyway, im supposed to be talking about the mission....
I was going to make as many wishes as possible today,
first i started with a dandelion.
It was the most beautiful thing ever, "i wish things would change for the better", i whispered to my lucky (poor?) dandelion head and blew hard at it (nd then i wished i had wished more like an actress, my blow was like an ogres)

Second was the classic "wish upon a star"....i stared up at the sky with its fading stars and tried to pick one. I think i stood there for a while, just looking up at the universe. Some people say that looking at the stars makes them feel small, but right at that moment, i didnt feel small, i felt very big actually, i felt like i was in control of my life and that i was doing everything righ (i think that was just me speaking not my conscience, but a feeling like that is rare and cherish-able..i think im reading too much Paolo Coelo). I finally spot my star, a big twinkly one which doesnt seem to want to fade away, "i wish things would change for the better", i say softly. I gives me a  knowing wink..i trust this one

Next was the four leaf clover, that is a hard one...but i know exactly where to go. The cutest little patch of clovers grows on my neighbors grass. So i crouch down next to it, and pull out my trust magnifying glass..(im armed with all my wishing tools: binoculars to find shooting stars, a penny in case i walk past a wishing well and hand sanitizer in case i have to touch a ladybug for a wish)i look for atleast 10 minutes before i give up, so i didnt find a four leaf clover, atleast i got to wish on a dandelion and a star..

I look up at the sun which is now rising and wish on that too but this time i wish that all my wishes would come true...

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