Sunday, September 15, 2013

Living as a shadow-that's what I'm scared of

I've never actually seen my monster, but I have heard it. It’s always been that shadowy figure in my dreams or walking a step or two behind me when I’m alone. It’s that voice that tries to bring me down, telling me that I’m not good enough, that I don’t matter. I’m always going to have to walk fast and keep my head high because, if I don’t, Shadow would swallow me and nothing would ever be the same for me ever again. The scary thing about this is, nobody would know- my body, my mind, my brain- they’ll all still be right here; but I would never be the same person ever again. I wouldn't be me anymore- I’d be that person my Shadow makes me think I am. I would be my shadow.

              It’s not easy to keep running from your monster when he’s at your heels. They say that facing your demons is what life’s all about. Maybe that’s what I’m meant to do- turn around when I hear those voices and tell them to shut up. Tell my Shadow that it’s wrong- because I AM good enough, I totally deserve happiness.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Going down with the ship...thats what a good captain does right?

So apparently a new controversy is lurking behind the shadows, and no I'm not talking about the Syrian War (which would be a nice thing to talk about but no...I literally have no problem with America ending that tiring civil war for the Syrians-because well, they have the best military in the world for a reason...they HAVE to help out)
                   this new thing isn't even an actual thing yet, and to be honest, most people think it won't happen...but I know it is. ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! okay maybe I'm just kidding, but it might be the end of the world as we know it..
                    Okay I'm giving it to you straight. The American economy is going down! (if you're like "no wayy"- i feel you, because that was my reaction when I first heard about it and if you're like "so what? its not like its gonna affect me in any way"- it is! it totally is! *and now I'm going to start freaking out*) Okay this is how it would affect us if the American economy didn't hold up:-

Imagine a world where the language to speak is Chinese or Japanese or Cantonese or Mandarin or any other language whi
ch you've never even heard spoken before. Trust me, you don't even want to try learning one of my aforementioned languages after knowing English (Do you ever get confused about how some stuff just sounds wrong? Like why its hair and sometimes hairs in the plural but sometimes just hair? Or why its fox and foxes but ox and oxen? English is pretty messed up...but why don't we times THAT by a hundred? And viola! we get ALL the other languages in the world!)

Imagine a world where every single new trend doesn't seem familiar (some of may be relieved and i totally understand...after the VMAs I think I have totally had enough of twerking) Can you do it? A world where music is given over to k-pop? (No offense to K-POP or anything but I just can't picture it being mainstream)
what will happen to the good music? Axwell and Avicii? David Guetta and Tiesto? (I would say the Armin guys name but its too much trouble to actually spell that out and I'd rather not waste my time googling him to just to paste his name on here so...Sorry Armin :p)

Imagine a world where you didn't feel like you actually belonged. Mainstream or not, American culture defines the worlds culture...if we go down, the whole worlds going down with us...
            I know its coming, its coming at us hard and we have to stop it. I have no clue (well actually maybe a little clue) as to how this stuff works. Its still got to do with spending your money and helping the economy again. Well it can't be thaat hard can it? Just spend away *to save the world*
                      I just realised that I didn't actually say anything right here but then again its super important-we've gotta save America