Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm worried, not paranoid

           Why is the world so messed up? Why?
Most people are saying that the eventual occupation of Crimea by Russia isn't a big deal especially because Crimea seems pretty willing to be occupied; most people are laughing off my worry; most people are saying that I sound like an old 70s kid (which is maddeningly ironic because most "people" might be 70s kids themselves!). 

I'm being paranoid.

I mean the occupation of this tiny little country couldn't possibly mean anything right? Russia couldn't possibly be thinking of invading other nations, could it? 

I feel silly saying this; I almost know that I'm going to take this back, but it needs to be said.
What if history is repeating itself? What if we're looking at another Communism vs. Capitalism war? What if Russia gets all strong, and teams up with China, and then vies for the super-power position? (I mean it won't be really hard to defeat America now right.. what with the huge rift in the country's politics created by the Democrats and the Republicans.. it's going to be pretty easy) What if Communist countries become the super powers? 

I'm so frustrated. What of we won't have peace any longer?

The way my history teacher makes us promise that our generation is going to clean things up (in his suddenly softened tone) makes me feel like he's prepping us for war. What if he is? What if Obamacare won't be the only thing we have to worry about soon?

I'm so full of "what if" questions right now, which we all know are the worst kind. I'm worried about the unpredictable, I'm worried about the unreachable, I'm worried about tomorrow.

Everyone thinks that teenagers smoke weed, have unprotected sex, have bad grades, get drunk at college and then ruin their lives. Everyone sees teenagers as ticking time bombs, bombs that'll explode and turn to dust, bombs that'll create chaos and then be gone. 
Everyone thinks that teenagers don't care.

What everyone doesn't realize is, teenagers care more than anyone else. The world we see today, is going to be our world tomorrow. The problems created today will be ours to solve tomorrow. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I think we're all pretty excited to take control of the world; I just want credit for it. I want teenagers to be seen young adult: future inheritors of the world, not as a worthless recalcitrant group of disappearing time bombs.

This is probably a shorter version of what I was trying to say haha:
Doesn't really connect, but we're going to be the change all right..

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