Friday, May 9, 2014

Life as a Monochromatic

                I'm assertive -okay, no that's a euphemism- I'm strident and outspoken, either way I'm opinionated and also very confused...Is it a good thing? to be assertive that is. 
          It may all sound very nice to be heard and taken into consideration, but what if you're heard and taken from consideration. What if your un-thought-out words cost you your credibility? (Okay, maybe when I'm talking about "you", I'm simply referring to myself. Maybe.)
         Strong feelings are helpful when you can channel them into a sensible demeanor and calm (but strong) words; they don't do very much good in a barely thought-out rant. Actually they don't do any good at all.

                 Is it wrong to have strong feeling, or is wrong to be unable to channel them? Definitely the latter; no one could live without strong feelings. I mean, we all have to feel strong about something, anything. Like cars, life can't be run on neutral ("dat car analogy tho"...sorry).      
            So it's wrong to have a sudden burst of strong emotions? From my current state of embarrassment and annoyance, I see that that's what I think (I still can't replay The History Class Feminist Rant Incident -that's what I'm going to call it, and no, I'm not going to explain it-  in my head without knocking something over or feeling my face burn while having a strong urge to explain myself). But clearly, I'm wrong. Because I (atleast the conscious me) don't believe in right and wrong,
                It isn't wrong to have emotional outbursts, it might just be healthy (Psychological Health Rule #1 "DONT bottle your emotions" everyone knows that), but it is kinda wrong to emotionally outburst onto others and expect them to accept it.  So it's not wrong, but it's kinda wrong....see what I mean? complicated
               I don't believe in absolutes at all actually. I'm sure that nothing is ever completely right or completely wrong; there is no black and white in nature, no bright hues, just greys and mellow colors.
People Like Us- Kelly Clarkson has an interesting video :)

         Absolutes are a problem. Everyone is looking for answers to their questions; they're looking for a yes or a no, or maybe a choice between two paths, or maybe even the right or wrong decision. But that's not what it's all about. We see the world in black and white; we see the world, our lives, and our choices as being either correct or incorrect whereas in reality, there's so much more to it. 
         Nothing is ever right or wrong, so we can all stop striving towards being completely correct (a 10/10 is an illusion present only in calculus which we all know doesn't exist in the real world...(just kidding, about the calculus that is :) ).