Saturday, October 27, 2012

USA here i come!

i think  im moving !!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay unlike most people who freak out when they have to leave the country and enter a potentially dangerous harmful lonely new hell hole...
 dont even know whether we are actually going but im hoping like reallyy hoping
im in the middle of high school and im one of the lucky ones whos actually left alone in a dignified sorta way ive got 2 friends and thats something to be laughed at
 butttttt the most depressing thing about EVERYTHING is that im irritatingly ignored
like the "cool" kids think that theyre the most perfect people on the planet so they have got to talk to everyone but they treat me like an idontknowhiimonlytalkingtoyoucauseimareallREALLYniceperson(didimentionimnice) type
 they are all like these really really wierd people who think they are awesome because theyre prefects and can put everyone else in detention
its painful that im not going to be missed at all (that is if im  going in the first place) 
people are going to forget me on the VERY first day

im ready for tis new opportunity (if it ACTUALLY comes that is)   

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