Friday, November 9, 2012

Im not a pessimist I just dont look at the bright side

you kno when when you watch a depressing movie you kinda get sucked into it and youre depressed for the entire day after THAT.
   well thats the story of my life,  im always end up making someone see the dark side of things, im not a real pessimist but i think im always bracing for a fall that may never come
   and if i dont DO it myself i meet someone really pessimistic like early in  the morning or i listen to a sad song in the car or i end up watching some junky movie about cyberbullying and suicides and other depressing things.
    What is it with pessimists anyway? do they HAVE to bring down any high spirits on my part (and my high spirits would normally be as high as my shoelaces).But thats not as bad as those errible movies where a small vulnerable little girls goes on the internet..and BAM! she suicides and thats just too depressing for me.
  I normally just prefer movies which have perfect happy endings---"chick flicks" theyre all so perfect,they end the way you want it to.
 I mean if real life isnt perfect hen we can make up to it by watching perfect life on screen cant we?
 Okay as far as i see it movies are classified something like this----->
A.chick flicks (theyre my favs i 'av no problem :)
B.thereallyrealbutnotrealandborring typ ( you might cll it sci fi)
C.scarymoviestocontrolkidss( cyberbully ,the boy she met online..the likes)

OK that list could go on and on.... the point is that everyone should stop making suicide movies and i shouldnt be stared at if i stand on a lunch table and say so(okay maybe ill be stared at if i say anything from up on a lunch table but im aiming at people not acting goth and pretending to enjoy wierd sadness... high school is so emo ):