Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So thats why chatrooms aren't for teenagers?

So yesterday i was sitting up real late and i was like really really bored....

so i THOUGHT it would be a good idea to go to a chatroom and you kno.....see whats so great about all those places.That was yesterday, YESTERDAY was fun.I had this higly entertaining chat with this guy who was trying to get me into be with him :p it was funny like "im freezing bitch!" ,"whatever you want,top or bottom" etc.etc. It was extra funny cus we kept getting banned by the chatroom admin :. I had fun yesterday because what we were talking about wasnt serious AT ALL. That boy didnt ask me any personal questions nd we just had fun being all flirty. This guy was not one of those creeps who come up to you and as ur name and address and shit like theyre really going to stalk you, he was like me, in need of entertainment in the middle of the night :)
             Now when i did decide on going into the "chatroom" business, I promised myself i wouldnt give away ANY personal details and everything i say WILL BE A LIE...Thats how it was yesterday,absolutely free and full of fun as played with those guys AGAIN and AGAIN.
                    But today was different,after yesterdays success i sort off slackened my fierce defence, and i started privvate chatting with this absolute wierdo,who was from brazil.I think tha only reason i even got interested was because of BRAZIL!!! I mean they have GODS there :p So i added him on my hotmail account( i kno i kno that was foolish but still..) and i started chatting with him there.....
it was all pretty gud until he sent me his pictures......the guy was 26 years old!!!! and i though he was a teenager! it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I just deactivated my hotmail account after removing him from my contact list :(
               That guy was definitely not a stalker,he was just honestly looking for a girl.It was me who was in the wrong place! So catrooms aren't for teenagers after all