Sunday, January 13, 2013

I am NOT paranoid!

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I just read a new book called Stolen (its by Lucy Christopher) and its about this girl who gets kidnapped by this totally hot guy in the airport....its kinda crappy but i really really like the ways its written.
        The book really creeped me out because it turns out that the guy had been stalking the girl since she was 10! Ok so in the story the guy was like this super-hot model but that cant happen in real life!!
So now im completely paranoid about hot guys, random guys on the road who smile at me and of course airports :p
                  Last time i went to the airport this totally random man (he was probably 18) walked up to me (he was hot! we had held eye-contact for a while) i was so excited but it turned out that he needed to go "somewhere" and he couldn't take his luggage (it was probably the bathroom) so he wanted me to hold it for a minute. He didn't even wait for me to reply before he just walked away in the opposite direction.
Walked fast in the opposite direction. (he had disappeared in a second)
 I had watched too many movies to think straight at that me that bag probably contained a bomb. I wasnt crazy enough to actually open it though....I decided that the hero thing was not for me and walked away innocently...
                     But that guy never returned for the bag (i was watching it from a safe distance).
When i told my friends, they just laughed at me and told me that he probably thought i would go searching for him in the airport because i still had his bag. They started imagining that he would buy me a drink when i found him and then we would know
    Im not buying that...i still think it had illegal drugs or an inactive bomb or atleast something that
dude didnt want to have but didnt want to throw
                 No im not paranoid! Books can do that to you ....