Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moving in....

So we're finally here (messy dirty and sleepless but here)
America is soo different, its almost funny :)
The first different thing is the time.....theres atleast a 10 hour time difference between the old place and new so ive had a series jet lag
(I actually woke up today morning..the clock said 6...when i went to look out of the window it was all dark so i assumed that it was 6 in the evening and i made myself some supper---> leftover chicken pot pie and some mashed potato. After my very filling "supper" i went outside to just stand in my PJ's and feel the new cold, but when i opened the door i saw that the sun was rising! the sun was risin!!! its morning and id eaten dinner!! ...yeah im still not over it lol )
my brains soo wired for home that i cant help feeling that everything here is wrong!
The climate is DEFINITELY different...the suns always shining in California.ALWAYS! but its still petty cold :)
 (i was freeezing yesterday cus i had dressed for a total summer party----> shorts,tank top and platform heels. I actually had to go to a store and buy myself some stockings, a jacket and thermals! and the sun was shining all through like it was the middle of June!)