Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forever alone?Really?

I was sitting in church today...nd i wasnt paying much attention(that was probably because the child in front of me was reading a book with loads of colourful pictures and i kept peeping)
For some reason my mind started wandering to books(okay i know the reason now actually)
and i remembered how my best friend back home...she always liked to read books with sad endings
it was pretty funny and when things ended right in a book she justs casts it looks of disgust
(yeah she was a nicholas sparks fan)
i remembered how my other best friend involuntarily attracted older-20-something-guys when we went out..
i remembered how whenever i was in my old church, i always had someone to exchange glances with..
i remembered how it felt to stand on the balcony of my 13th floor apartment and feel the wind in my hair...
and suddenly they were there, the tears i was desperately trying to work up when i talked with my friends for the last time, the ones that didnt come when i watched my parents lock the doors to the place id called home for..(ok it isnt too long, but i get attached real quick)
Thats when i realised that this lent season,i dont really have to abstain from anything because im already far far away from everyone and everything i need..
they ARE my food and water!
So there i was sitting in church and trying not to let the tears out,when my eyes fell on a little girl,
a little girl who reminded me of me when i was her age (the same flop of unkept hair, and....well the hair was the main resemblance :p)and she smiled at me...a sweet innocent smile
Thats when i remembered that there would always be someone for me, always


  1. This made me cry - I was in the same situation like you 2 years ago. i cried everyday because I lived somewhere without my best friends and places I grew up at.. But things will get better :) I'm glad you realise that, I wish I had at the time.

  2. i made u cry? really?
    thnx fr all the support!

  3. Oh my gosh,Anya you really know how to make people want to comment on this thing. Huh, so Church is like the time I TRY and not FALL asleep, but sometimes its really hard. I get confused on some parts of scripture, and am jealous of little kids, i mean hey have it so easy! Ergh, being without friends would be tough, and I couldn't imagined anyplace without my buds by my side


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