Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad mom or stupid daughter?

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I just have to keep myself this one question : Why am I so stupid?Why?WHYY?
One silly little thing always, ALWAYS gets me into a complete fiasco of craziness.
I left my PE bag consisting of my expensive sunscreen, puma shoes, 10-dollars-a-pair-socks(i know! its crazy!) and my ridiculous PE clothes(incidentally the least expensive in the entire bag) in one of my classes. so i couldnt go to PE the next day, my mom would never have allowed it if i told her the truth, so i told her that i didnt have PE the next day. Everyone else, I told them that I overslept. (Though i was super guilty that i woke up the right time and stayed in bed, wallowing in the guilt)
It went well, but I'm still guilty...atleast i found my PE bag again without anything stolen(i always assume that people are going to rob me... isnt that a new york characteristic?)
Looking back at that(it was yesterday) i feel like i haven't grown...not at all.
I always tell myself that i learn from my mistakes but i havent learnt a THING!
When i was a kid, i got this super awesome water bottle,it was purple and it was just perfect and i took it to school the next day and put on soo many "airs", it must hve looked funny on a 5th grader,
but on that very day, i lost my water bottle.When i got home i told my mom that i left it at my friends house(truthfully, i don't know where i left that poor thing) so she told me to get it the next day..
The next day, I went to school and i stole a water bottle from a girl in my class which looked exactly like mine nd gave it to my mom...she was happy i guess.
Is this a case of bad parenting or just the case of a stupid stupid girl?
(because my mom is super duper strict when it comes to me losing stuff)