Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bad mom or stupid daughter?

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I just have to keep myself this one question : Why am I so stupid?Why?WHYY?
One silly little thing always, ALWAYS gets me into a complete fiasco of craziness.
I left my PE bag consisting of my expensive sunscreen, puma shoes, 10-dollars-a-pair-socks(i know! its crazy!) and my ridiculous PE clothes(incidentally the least expensive in the entire bag) in one of my classes. so i couldnt go to PE the next day, my mom would never have allowed it if i told her the truth, so i told her that i didnt have PE the next day. Everyone else, I told them that I overslept. (Though i was super guilty that i woke up the right time and stayed in bed, wallowing in the guilt)
It went well, but I'm still guilty...atleast i found my PE bag again without anything stolen(i always assume that people are going to rob me... isnt that a new york characteristic?)
Looking back at that(it was yesterday) i feel like i haven't grown...not at all.
I always tell myself that i learn from my mistakes but i havent learnt a THING!
When i was a kid, i got this super awesome water bottle,it was purple and it was just perfect and i took it to school the next day and put on soo many "airs", it must hve looked funny on a 5th grader,
but on that very day, i lost my water bottle.When i got home i told my mom that i left it at my friends house(truthfully, i don't know where i left that poor thing) so she told me to get it the next day..
The next day, I went to school and i stole a water bottle from a girl in my class which looked exactly like mine nd gave it to my mom...she was happy i guess.
Is this a case of bad parenting or just the case of a stupid stupid girl?
(because my mom is super duper strict when it comes to me losing stuff)


  1. This is really good. It sounds like me. And my mum is so strict about... Everything :)

  2. Neither! You might be scared of you Mum being harsh on you, so you lie. Your Mum thinks being strict prevents you from doing it again. But don't think you're being a bad daughter or your Mum being a bad mother. She's trying to do the best for you and you're trying to be the best daughter. Maybe next time tell her you lost it but ask her not to be so hard on you. It's only human to lose stuff:)

    1. tht ws wen i ws a kid...
      so i guess ive grown a little better now :p


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