Friday, October 25, 2013

Life's an empty've got the brush; so what're you waiting for? It's time to paint :)

I'm lying flat on my back, on a yoga mat. My mother snoozes next to me, her occasional, interrupted snoring blends in with the background. I'm staring at the ceiling, thinking "What if  I stop waiting for things to happen? What if I stop saying 'what if'?"
              I haven't been writing in a while, and I think I finally know why. I talked a lot about "finding"" myself, trying to find out what I'm supposed to do with my life. I really thought that I couldnt live until I had some sort of connection with myself. What I didnt realize was that I was-AM-me. I don't need a connection with myself,I'm already me! How could I have wanted to find myself when I was-am-here all along (writing about yourself in a past tense is not a good idea haha).
                            That bring me back to lying on a yoga mat and thinking -that's all I've been doing the past months, trying to do what every other great philosopher did (okay okay, what every great philosopher did), "figure out the meaning of life". Heres what I think :

Can you believe this quote!!!? Its just what I needed, its just what everyone needs! No, its not time to sit around and think about what life has in store for us. Its time to get out there and make a life for ourselves, its time to create! Life is totally like an empty canvas, its time to paint :)

                           So I don't say What If anymore, and I also don't lie on yoga mats anymore(that's only because my mother has finally stopped catching up on her sleep during her exercise time and has actually begun lifting her arms and stuff....this stuff is actually pretty hard). I'm not even going to stop and think about what color I'm going to paint...I'm going to just do it (I thought that the best way to end the post would be to use another overly used, trademarked phrase)

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