Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quote of The Day ~ Dan Brown

                  I've been reading a little more than normal recently, and most of my books have been pretty thought-provoking in a literary sense; they've all told beautiful stories with beautiful underlying messages. However (I feel really formal now haha), these books have been provoking thoughts of appreciation and reflection, but they haven't been provoking thoughts of change.
                Change is really cool. I like it. Everything needs to be changed, because humans have this impeccable ability to ruin everything (I lie somewhere between a cynic and a pessimist); examples would be the environment, the economy (which, I admit, is man-made), and the church (which used to be something so pure, and so loved, but is now hated).
               Before I start rambling about the how everything in the world is bad and we're all probably going to die because of an economic bubble burst and global warming and the collapse of culture and yadda yadda yadda, I should introduce my quote.

              It's one of Dan Brown's accusatory quotes, and it's the most direct way of making one think.

            When I thought about it, I realized that it was true. Every scientific breakthrough has been used in a wrong way. We could do so many good things with them, but we decide to do bad things instead. 
I'm pretty obviously talking about the likes of Nuclear Energy.
            Nuclear power plants have the potential to crush our energy crisis while also cleaning up nature, but instead, we use it to threaten to kill each other. The disasters of Hiroshima and Nagasaki eclipse the fact that countries like France and Germany derive more than 75% of their electricity from Nuclear Power Plants and they haven't had any accidents. 
          Biotechnology, which is used to help us cure diseases, is better known for bioweapon creations.

All these new discoveries have deadly sides as well as good sides, but does that actually mean anything?
Do we stop using these technologies? Do we stop discovering new things?
I mean new technologies do mean new ways to destroy the world and its people...

        The whole theme of ethics, is this good or bad, is really important for science. Should we be destroying atoms and playing with someones God-given DNA? Is that even right?
             Is it ethical to be changing the natural? Are these "groundbreaking" new technologies being weaponized because they are unnatural and quite unnecessary?

           Yes, Technologies can be abused, and they can be used for bad things, but they're also the next step for our evolution, the next step to survive. If we want to keep living in a world where we are inquisitive humans, we're going to have to start changing what we think are ethics.
                      Fire is an interesting analogy. I'm pretty sure the Neolithic cavemen thought that fire was unnatural and unnecessary; I'm pretty sure it went against their ethics, but eventually they(we?) realized that it's not-so-bad and started using it a lot.
           To us, whatever is not considered "natural" is unethical; however, "natural" is constantly changing as our society, and our world evolves. As we change for the better, as we evolve our "natural" changes and our "ethical" changes.
             Ethics always keep us from change, they try to preserve the old, but old is not always great. Especially when we're looking to evolve for the better.
         So new technologies have benefits that far outweigh their harmfulness, and are also necessary for us to continue the process of evolution.

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