Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Break, Satire, and other odds and ends

            It's spring break; the sun's shining, and the air is filled with the laughs of giggly teenage girls in bikinis and the sigh of a particular teenager whose room is alit by the white light of her laptop screen as she types furiously.
            Okay, maybe I'm not that reclusive, there is natural lighting in this room; plus, anyone who's reading Dante's The Divine Comedy has a free pass to be a buzzkill (apparently not only can you not judge a book by it's cover but also not by it's title.. I can't believe comedy didn't mean funny during Dante's time).
            Speaking of comedy, I tried my hand at Onion-type satire...

I really do admire the likes of Oscar Wilde, comedy comes to them naturally. I do realize that I'm anything but natural, but I'm working on it!