Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blog Makeover :)

I know this might be a little irrelevant..nothing to do with being a teenager in California at all but..
                      Ive been feeling like a little (that's me-language for really really) down, maybe even a bit depressed, The only thing that makes me feel better when Im depressed, is a major shopping spree and a complete makeover followed by a very serious bathroom selfie photo shoot with my besties :)
                 Considering that's no longer possible...I decided to give my blog a makeover and you know what? Ive never had so much fun on a computer before! (okay at times it got a bit annoying, I mean working with HTML is like writing broken up English all over the place..but I survived, the only that HAS gone wrong is my twitter timeline, which is at the bottom of the page and my Instagram which is right next to my twitter timeline...it was a disaster :)

                 So I'm just going to give you a guide to my new-and-improved-version of my blog :)
  • Well on the top of the page, Ive got 2 new pages! One is a simple "About Me" page and the other links to my Twitter  (i had to put that Twitter page in following the disaster of my Twitter widget, which still wont come off the bottom of my blog...if you think Im kidding you should scroll down and see for yourselves)
  • I changed the template, that's only because I thought the my old one distracted too many people, I used to get comments like "I love the background!" or "Your blog is really pretty!" I was starting to think no one actually read it..

Ok Ive got nothing else....I felt really accomplished because these 2 minor changes actually took me almost half of a lazy Saturday morning..

Also, me and my friend Misha (check out her google plus, shes an amazing blogger!)are going to do collaboration posts on her blog The Weirdo Chronicles (it even sounds fun doesn't it?) We're going to be reviewing chick flicks and actually digging them up deeper than any English teacher could ever go :p, Please check them out :)

*image theres a funny caption here*

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