Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm soaked with sweat, my shirt is damp. I think I'm getting Writers Cramp - Dave Crawley

I think I'm having writers block (even if I'm not a real writer). I always imagined writers block to be something like a haze in your brain which didn't let you think at all- maybe that's what it is,

         but for me writers block is period of time, when I think A LOT and I have TONS of ideas but the moment I come to the now faar to familiar webpage which is my blog and start writing, the words stop flowing, like they'd rather stay in my head then leave.

My conclusion is that my head is such an interesting place, my thoughts would rather stay there and go sightseeing than get forced onto a piece of paper or in this case a hypertext-ed document on the World Wide Web (I found a fancy way to say 'webpage'. Haha I could become a writer after all :)   

            Here I am, not really a writer, (just a person who writes because she likes to) and complaining about writers block. I really can't imagine how it would be for a REAL writer, here's to all my favorite writers-because they're positively inspirational!

  1. Frank Delaney:
    This isn't in any particular order-but Frank Delaney was the first writer who came into my mind. He's spectacular, he's vivid and he's a storyteller. His works (I've read only two-and that too in the wrong order but I still loved them) are soo descriptive-he weaves a beautiful story set mostly in the 1950's Ireland, a place which seems to be flowing with words, the time and place are so beautiful-he really brings them back to life. He really knows how to write a story!
  2. Eva Ibbotson:
    She's always going to be my favorite author! Eva Ibbotson writes stories set in wartime Europe and she captures the peace and indifference of all those places protected from all the fighting. Whats most attractive about her writing is how she seems to still live in that time-she draws you to that time herself- the writing is perfect, there's not a trace of the 21st century...its just pure wartime Europe. Like every other good writer, you find yourself inside her books and unwilling to leave-but here's what makes her special, it feels like she's letting you steer the book. Let me explain: her writing, it isn't strong and commanding, it doesn't feel like she's writing the story and determining the fate of her characters-it feels like she's merely suggesting the next turn of events. You can almost see the bend in the path and in a way she kinda makes you feel like it was your idea all along. Its beautiful and satisfying...a lazy-summer-afternoon-read.
  3. J.K Rowling
    All hail the queen! I'm a crazy Harry Potter fan, even though I only discovered the awesomeness of the book series much after I watched the movies. I thought that the Harry Potter series was too mainstream-everyone seemed to like it- and that's why I didn't read it, but one day I did (I don't know why, I just did) and I was hooked(haha). Its a whole other world, with so much familiarity yet so many differences, I learned to love that world. (I also learned to long for a letter from Hogwarts)No wonder everyone loved it! Thats when I decided to give mainstreamed things a chance :)  
  4. Annie Dalton
    Not very famous (or maybe she is, its just that I don't know too much about her) for it but
    Annie Dalton wrote the Angels Unlimited series. She writes in the sarcastic, quirky and smart voice of a teenage girl...and I admire her writing so much. I think it was she who inspired me to start a blog (though not directly), I try to sound like her a lot (failing utterly), I love the British slang and the street smart dialogues-shes definitely my dream writer. I want to be able to develop my own style just like her.

(Is it just me or do Eva Ibbotson and Frank Delaney look alike?)
 While I was writing this I found something in common in all these writers (apart from their eerie face identical-ness, i think its just the pictures), they all have their stories set in exotic places-and they describe these places so well that it feels like I'm actually on vacation.

Eva Ibbotson- The amazon rainforest; the wartime Austro-Hungarian empire; Wartime Germany; Wartime Central Europe
Annie Dalton- Heaven! (its a city in her book :), ancient Japan, Crusades period in the middle East etc. (the book features time-travel haha)
Frank Delaney- beautiful Ireland
J.K Rowling- Hogwarts