Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look out bee-lowww!!!

           Okay it was a total coincidence, but I just happened to look into my brothers tablet (I wasn't snooping, I was just looking to umm -ok no other way to put it, I WAS snooping, I don't even have an excuse :p)But the results were sad, and totally un-dramatic. I found a calendar.
                              and THAT'S the story of how I found out that today is indeed the second of August. THE SECOND OF AUGUST!? Can anyone believe it?! Summers gone. (i have been blissfully unaware of all of this, because for the past few days, I've just been living i.e watching-my-favorite-shows-on-Netflix-while-eating-and-drinking-nothing-but-soda-and-chips)
                     So I came out of and it felt like everywhere I looked something was designed to make me go over the edge (i love that expression :p). Back to school sale fliers all over the coffee table, my brother yelling "I want the blue one!! (referring to the blue bag he's been eyeing ever since summer break started), the autumn-ish wind pushing my hair back as I brave the great outdoors after a week, the frantic rush for the pool (there's about a week of summer left and everyone wants to have a tan to show...should've committed during the summer *tut tut*), cameras everwhere as people take their last Summer 2013 pictures, even my innocent school bag (which i can assure you hasn't been touched since my last day of school...
                                   But the worst thing was this nauseating image I found in my inbox today: (I'd like to spread the "good" cheer -sorry)
Is something like this REALLY necessary?
              This picture totall represents ALL thats bad about school, writing and thinking and working and doing homework and writing and trying to stay awake and kissing up and worrying about grades and writing...ugh! I hate writing (with a pencil)
                      Time for some tough love-I see that I have 2 options :-
a) Whine and be a baby until a day before school, (on which day i tell myself to suck it up) and be totally unprepared for school
b) Whine and be a baby for a while but clean up and get ready for school (the better the year, the quicker the time, the faster the arrival of summer 2014)
             Okay no more whining for me...I think I'm a fashion blog today :)
I'm not one to actually read a fashion magazine (I've always been that girl who looked at the starved models and laughed at all their trouble because nobody liked what they were wearing anyway)
                but this time I actually DID look at Teen Vogue and Seventeen and heres what I got:
(actually I googled them...but its the same thing right?)

I don't know if its easy but I know its quick

This year it looks like Braids are IN (every single model seems to have an elaborate braid or fishtail on her, its actually pretty..well pretty :)
Braids are actually pretty simple, though they look so complex..A hard looking hairdo in no time!

thats easy my hair looks like that all the time

 Messy and Wavy? Wavy is messy
(That was my failed attempt at trying to sound like a fashion magazine)
Waves are in too (which is a relief, now when I'm having a Bad Hair Day...I can simply blame it on fashion :)

I think this is going to be my THING this year (you know the kind of the hair or clothes you end up wearing most of the time..)

and whats definitely in? wavy-messy-braids!

Enough with the hair right? Thats what i was saying after like 50 different hairstyles (ALL of them were the EXACT same thing!! Little tweaks don't change the hairstyle completely -_-)

Moving on to the clothes...Im pleased to inform you (after at least a million different pictures)

 Patterned Leggings

I have to admit these are nice....easy to pair with anything and comfortable as hell :)
They're effortless but still stylish...yay!!
(thank you fashion gods)

Actually these have been in since the beginning of summer, but this is one trend im not ready to see go away

Bohemian Styles

So it looks like we're going Bohemian this year :)
(I totally didn't know what that meant, but from all the pictures im guessing, its loose and umm kinda native?)
This is actually a really good idea, so now people can look thin without actually being thin...which is good, no more starving, ranting crazy girls on Facebook (here's hoping :)

Be warned, no one looks like that when they've got a ridiculous bow on their head
Bows are ridiculous and ugly, but it looks like they're trending.. Who in their right mind would wear a big fat bow? I know Im not gonna...who am I? Minnie Mouse? (Okay that may have been hard but bows are well..bows)

Maybe they aren't the best accessories, but I think they look really cute as rings or necklaces...much better than having a giant drooping ribbon on your head.

High Waisted Everything!

This summer, it was high waisted shorts...
(and those were ah-dor-able!) looks like this fall we'll be seeing a lot of high waisted jeans and skirts and whatnot!

 After Bell-bottoms, i thought this was a vintage or 80s or whatever trend which I never thought would come back! (which isn't saying much because I don't really do fashion...but at least its true :)

Of course a little extra neon never hurts :)
Circle skirts?

Well I had no idea what they were, but I'm actually going to try these out...they look great and plus they're high-waisted :p These skirts are actually perfect being semi-formal...they can make a perfect first-day-of-school look :)

These skirts don't really go with the Bohemian theme, but I think I can work them into my new super-Bohemian-wardrobe..
(I think I've fallen in love with that word-Bohemian, Bohemian, Boh-hee-mi-ahn)

 Now with my new-found fashion knowledge (it wasn't so bad after a couple hundred pictures or so :p) I can say, Im almost ready to go back to school...maybe just to see what everyone else turned up in, the only thing I'm never gonna change about is the fact that I don't do heels...its always gonna be sneakers for me (it doesn't hurt that they're always in the vogue :)

I'm not going to end with a load of crap about how you should dress how you want not how fashion demands of you to dress. No I cannot say that in my right mind...not after all of this I just discovered about the world of fashion. 
                       No, you don't have to wear exactly what they want you to wear, but it doesn't hurt to take a look and maybe get something that you like and doesn't take too much effort (because unlike working out, you do gain without pain in clothing) 
                                            First day of School here I come! 

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