Thursday, July 25, 2013

To not care

Cyber-bullying, everyone knows about it, and it feels like everyone's talking about it. But I've never heard from someone who's actually been through it. The "victim".

      I found these on this website called the Cyber-Bullying Research Center where bullied teens can anonymously tell their stories (I, being a sucker for depressive stories, read every single one of them, but unfortunately the emotions did NOT overflow) :

A 13-year old girl from Virginia:

"When I still had AOL, this one guy asked me how I looked and wanted to know about my body and stuff and I just flat out told him leave me alone!!! I would have reported him but AOL wouldn't even let me block him without parental permission so he bullied me and stuff online when ever I got on. I felt horrible. That was over four years ago and I still remember every thing he said to me. Every exact word. I felt awful. I hated it. I wanted to tell my parents but I was afraid that they would never let me chat again and I know that's how a lot of other kids feel. It is a bad feeling knowing that people that don't know you are judging you”
                                                    I know that everyone would prefer for me to keep my mouth shut right now and not to talk about hoe this even relates to me. Truth is, it doesn’t. But I can’t, simple cannot, just sympathize with the victim right here. What was a 13-year-old doing on an AOL chatroom anyway? Its just not the place for a teenager, yes what the weird paedophile was wrong...But what was this girl trying to achieve? Chatrooms (They should really make chatrooms a word, its pretty annoying seeing that little red line under most of my words...besides everyones talking about chatrooms) are for adults, and when a person starts messaging you they expect you to be a 20-28 year old who just wants to have some fun, noty a pubertal (I’m guessing thats the adjective for puberty) 13 year old who was thrilled and probably thought that it was “badass” to get into site which only allows people above the age of 18.

Well actually i do remember when this sort of thing happened to me (i wasn't 13 but I was close-- 14 :p) That story was a bit ridiculous and really funny...Click here if you want to here my experience in a chat room :p
Someone who wishes to stay anonymous:

“I was on meds for mental issued and tried to commit suicide 7 times it does not help with the depression but what really pushed me so far was the fact that all the kids who were my ‘friends’found out and turned and started making fun of me for it was 11 and it never stopped all the way to senior year. Kids are cruel and they either don’t care or cant comprehend what their words can do to someone.”
Now this is a real case of cyber-bullying. I think what drives us all to the edge is the feeling that ‘everybody knows’ or the feeling of being all alone because everyone who we ever trusted in suddenly don’t trust us. The feeling of being alone and hated.
Here’s the logic: “If everyone I know hates me, then they’re probably right...there’s something wrong with me. I hate myself too.” (im not pretending to be an expert on all things cyber-bully, im just summarizing all that I’ve read and all the movies I watched-ok one movie I watched)
You'll notice that people who are cyber-bullied, they're people who care. Those people who absolutely love everyone around them. They would totally believe anything someone says about them. Because they see the best in people, its pretty hard for them to believe that people could just be saying things for the heck of it. I think these people think everyone is like them and actually mean what they are saying
 I know that this is a tough lesson: Say "I DONT CARE"  okay maybe its even impossible, I know how it feels to say that I don't care but not really mean it. But I also know the freedom of finally not giving damn of what anybody
#WhatPeopleDontRealize is that I don’t care if they don’t like me. I like me. CASE CLOSED.

That's what i tweeted yesterday and i felt really good, great actually, to really mean that.
*facepalm* I've taken a perfectly good topic and made it something about myself...anyway getting back to cyber-bullying :)

Are kids really "cruel"? Do they really mean what they're doing? No. Not at all.
I quote my movie (Cyber Bully-thats its name-blunt isn’t it?) ok I’m not quoting but paraphrasing (the words weren’t important enough for me to remember) when you are online saying something doesn’t seem real, you don’tt see the person so you udon’t see how they feel. You don’t actually feel like you’re talking.
                                         I think cyber-bullying is just horse-play that went too far..Maybe we can stop it by only teasing and playing with people we actually talk with in real life so we can have an idea or they can give us an idea of how they are feeling. Teasing a friend would never turn into bullying because you would know when you're going too far.
                                         Also if you are being cyber-bullied by someone, the best thing to do would be to just stand there and tell them, that in case they didn't know, what they say online actually hurts. Don't worry, it just takes one match to light a fire, the moment you stand up to your bully, many many others who are also being bullied will stand up. Because everyone knows that you aren't the only one. (Im not talking to "you"-u whoever "you" are specifically, Im just saying it like anyone else might say "one")

 well I finally got to my message! Someone gotta do it, and I think the best person would be ALL of us :) 

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