Monday, September 22, 2014

Quote of the Day ~ J. G Ballard

In this chaotic world of floating delirium, reason is the one thing that stands still. Logic is our fair compass, always pointing due Reason. But few take a peek at their navigation instruments.

If the world was to run on reason, logic, and the objective truth, it would be a cold, hard place.
It would be the kind of place where stars aren't the lanterns in the sky that wink at us conspiratorially, challenging us to reach for them, they'd be large (impersonal) orbs of burning gases that are light years away. 
It would be the kind of place where calculations are more popular than colorful speculations.
It would be a world where guesses and quirks and anything out of the ordinary would be regarded as a mistake, a deviation from the straight line of purpose.
If the truth, the objective and impartial truth, were the crux of human life, we would be void of emotion, of tact, and of art. Imagine the robot all of us would be, we'd be:
Telling the 13 year old that the odds of her becoming president are slim,
Holding your body in a complex ballet pose in front of the mirror, then breaking it because it has been statistically proven that persons with your body type cannot excel in the form of art you so love.
Seeing the world for what it is, and feeling helpless at the face of evil. 

The world where you are forced to see "reason", will be the world where you will be confined to the mathematical probability. When (if) reason and logic take over, dreams would die with the increase in statistical decisions. 

Okay, so pure logic and objectivity will obviously lead us to dystopia (notice I said pure logic, no one is denying the importance of logic, just the need for a world of complete logic). On with the quote!

Mass delusion is a scary thought, and obviously by denying the importance of the objective truth, I was supporting it right? Wrong.

I don't believe in a mass delusion because there is no such thing. 

A mass delusion that we are all smart,beautiful people isn't a delusion at all. We're different and beautiful in different ways. 
A mass delusion that we can all rise from rags to riches isn't a delusion at all. We all have different definitions for "rags" and "riches".
A mass delusion that life on Earth is good isn't a delusion at all. Life on Earth IS good!!

The truth about the objective truth is that there is no objective truth. There can be no objectivity when we are dealing with soo many different kinds of people. There can be no standard for all people to live by. 

Reason cannot govern human life because we are naturally unreasonable creatures. We just do things because we feel like it. 
We're not living in delusion, we're just see the world we live in our own unique ways.