Monday, September 8, 2014

Quote of the Day ~ Plato

The blackbirds are congregating on the telephone wires, and I can tell that what they're plotting this time is going to be truly devastating.
         I wonder if they realize that the wires are sagging dangerously; surely the poles can't take anymore?

My inner cynic makes me ever so paranoid, and makes me ever so firm in the idea that humans are inherently evil, and that one day the world won't be able to take this kind of thing anymore. *poof* It'll just self-destruct. 

But then I think, 
Her smile is just underneath the surface; that piece of art is gorgeous; John Lennon was one of us; you have a personality, and I do too.

The world is a gorgeous chaos.. Isn't that just enough reason to celebrate? We're so distinct, and different. The world is a piece of art, and it's so beautiful. Opinions are everywhere- some artfully put, and others thrown in your face, unfiltered- and they have such a beauty to them.
Everyone is (a little bit of) everything, and that is why they are nothing. 


We're not blackbirds, we're more colorful and confused than that; blackbirds are decidedly evil, whereas humans...we just don't know what we are (though we like to think that know exactly who we are and what our priorities, in every hypothetical situation, are).

There are many problems in the world: 
extremist groups which hate America that are waging religious, and cultural, war; 
rainforests that are being mowed down like they are wild blades of grass in a sophisticated neighborhood, and 
the heads of corporations -the top 1% of our population- who are lounging in some exclusive resort in Luxembourg, who couldn't care less about any of us.
I could go on, but the list would never end be really long(in case you're wondering, these are the first 3 that popped into my head, and are by no means prioritized)

Here's what I think the problem is: humans cannot ever be all-good, they have to have some evil in's very very natural, and that's what makes them so beautiful blah- but the bad side of so many people is adding up to become something terrible.

How can we solve the world's problems without turning everyone into angels?

John Lennon's dream of no heaven, no hell, and no borders is beautiful, but it's also pretty scary. If there is no war, it is because there is no difference of opinion. Passion sparks arguments, but it sparks art too. 
If we're all working together, we will all have to conform. Our differences are what make us unique (heck, uniqueness literally means different-ness - I need help with abstract nouns!); our dark sides too. 

So as long as the world is a world of beautiful chaos, there will be problems, and wars, and destruction. Utopia is going to be our unreachable horizon, something we will work towards but we will never reach. Our suffering makes us beautiful, and our measures to stop suffering is the most beautiful of all. 

I do not find this thought very depressing. I'd rather have a beautiful world with passionate suffering, and efforts for change than an ugly world with unhappy peace. 

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