Monday, September 1, 2014

We're trapped.

For the claustrophobic in me, being a high school senior is such a scary experience. Being educated at any level invokes claustrophobia, anyway. 
               Here we are, in our cozy little corner of the world, not caring for the economical, political, or social conditions of what’s around us, while we (ironically) learn in our history, government, and finance classes. Here we are, safely behind closed doors where our only knowledge will be theoretical, and somehow smaller than life.
             We’re not exposed to the world. We’re learning about a world we haven’t been exposed to. Aside from the distorted views of Hollywood, and the dreams of our fellow underexposed prisoners of education, we haven’t seen much of it. If we're going to be ready for it, we have to know what "it" is. Will the real world please stand up?
It’s a puzzling dichotomy: to learn about the world by alienating ourselves from it. We’re stuck in a cocoon of theory, a prison with a tantalizing glimpse of the outside world, and we can’t seem to escape.