Thursday, March 21, 2013

I still believe

I always thought that living in America would be the answer to all my problems...
For example,
  •  My best friend stands in front of the mirror in gorgeous full length green gown, staring at my reflection (which was sitting behind her in worn out jeans) sighs and says to me, "I wish I had some place to wear this, I mean we're wasted here girl" and I reply. "If only we lived in America" we  exchange gloomy looks and then burst out laughing at the sight of our faces. 
  • The bell rings and I watch as everyone rushes out, then look back at my books and decide that I just need to study a bit more..."Still here?", I jump as here my boyfriends voice coming in from the doorway."I've got to know all of this if I'm going to the best college in the world no?" but even as I say this, I shut my books and stand up. That boy was the only one who could drag me away from all those studies, "You're coming too aren't you?", my voice still quivered even though this was at least the thousandth time I had asked him the very same question (i didn't even rephrase it, it sorta became an inside joke with us) and he replied with that heart-melting smile of his...though i never know whether that was a yes or a no. (it went without saying that i was talking about America---just making it clear :D)
  • My friends barely register the wolf-whistles from the old fishermen as we stripped down to take a dive in the sea, but I'm so self-conscious that i cant get over myself. I decide to just sit and watch, but my friends, they don't take no for an answer and drag me in..though i must say for my credit that i went down fighting. I fiercely think that if we were in America, this sort of thing would never ever happen before i respond to the splashing and go into total air-head mode (i changed easy from introvert nerd to that girl who hung out with the airheads).
So when i found out that i did indeed get to move here, I was super excited!  Excited to the point that it offended everyone around me, I zoned out completely spending my last few days daydreaming about how amazing it would be.....but i was lucky
On my last day I woke and remembered face totally brought me back to Earth...That boy, he was the only one for whom I'd drop every thought of America but ironically, now i was leaving him for America itself.
My last day, I managed to persuade everyone to stay off school and do all the things which we would do if it was any other day.. I had soo much fun and made them promise OVER and OVER again that they would come one day, that they would come and we would live in New York together...all of us
I really believed it

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