Monday, March 25, 2013

Life Of A Facebook Stalker

ok i admit it, im a facbook stalker..atleast i am one now!
i usually skim through facebook like its the last thing i care about because it is!
but now that im a lonely loser, facebook has become my only means of communication to the real world and i have been taking full advantage of it...
looking at all my besties at the seniors' grad parties ive been going crazy!!
i mean i wasnt the sorta girl who was big on parties, i only went when i was forced too getting off topic
so i was staring at all the fun pictures and just drawing strange pleasure out of it, so now i know how a stalker feels :p when i realised, that i didnt have any friends from my new school...
so i looked them up was horrible!!
i clicked send request by mistake and i freaked out (i had nooo idea we could cancel requests)
i was nearly in tears because the person i sent the request to was this guy who i thought was cute
(i think i had made it obvious at that point and i really didnt want to look like a stalker but then was obvious)
Being a stalker is supposed to be fun, thats what i was thinking but all it did for me was absolutely break me down!! For 2 precious minutes i had enjoyed it (that was when i was looked up this girl in my class who had put up loads of kindergarten pictures of my classmates)
I did the only thing i could think of doing at that point, i called my friend
(it was like 2 am in the morning, so she was pretty grumpy, but she had just gone to sleep like an hour lucky she wasnt asleep)
It was from her that i found out that we can cancel friend was the best news of my life!!
Im soo glad but then, the request had been out there for at least half an hour, what of he had seen it?
Now i feel real paranoid, im going to be freaked out whenever he talks to me tomorrow and if he doesnt talk to me, im going to assume that he saw the request..
 My life is ruins...*sigh* the life of a 15 year old is soo easy to ruin

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