Wednesday, March 27, 2013

am i the new shy invisibly girl? ahh!

I think I've been milking the new kid excuse for wayyy to long, but im gonna use it till the end of the school year.
There are loads of different kinds of people, which is inherent in EVERY high school but because of the many different races here only make it more obvious..

Im trying to determine what sort of a person im going to be, the introvert who hides out in the library at lunch or the extrovert girl like all new girls in all the movies i once believed in like "Mean Girls" and "Mean Girls 2" and "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen".
Because being me, is clearly not an option, "me" only exists when I've got friends.

But all I've managed to do is not make an impression on anybody at all, Im that invisible girl on the corridor who you bump into, wonder if you've ever seen her before and then walk away, forgetting her already.. I dont know why i turned into someone else all together when i got here but ebing invisible hs got its ups...

HA..."The Ups Of Being Invisible" sound familiar doesnt it? (The perks of being a wallflower)
I dont know what the ups are yet..but this is a place id like to live in for a few more months, thats it
Ill keep you posted

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