Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lifes what you make it so lets make it rock! yes i did just quote hannah montana

i read that and went, "Omigod!!thats soo perfect!!!"...i admit that this isn't equal to an actual good old-fashioned-legs-on-the-wall-in-my-pjs loooong chat with my friend on the phone but then, I dont think i should be complaining should I?

So heres the story....for a while my inbox has been spammed by my friends who're feeling totally guilty about ignoring me because they have to study so much nowadays (yeah thts a weird word...isnt it?)

But everyone of these make you feel soo much better, like the best way outta what i call the "blues" (i cant believe they named a genre of music aftr my version of depression!)

Thats my bestfriend,
she even sent me a video of us singing hannah montana
(imagine 2 pre-pubic girls, in shimmery disco clothes which id stolen from my grand-dads closet...we arent very good singers either..i tried out for the school choir 3 years in a row nd apparently my singing voice didnt have enough melody..isnt that brutal?
That ones my ex hes just trying to make me feal like a dramatic movie star

sometimes this makes me feel really special :)

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