Thursday, April 4, 2013

We all have those days..

The world feels like a big deep deep ocean to me today, i want to be able to belong here but thats not whats happening, im only becoming more and more distant everyday. I feel lost and crazy, today is my day for tears. I guess its just one of those days right? I keep telling myself that things will get better but will they? But there are tons of lonely people and they carry it off so elegantly, so beautifully...i give off this needy vibe, i know i do.

If i am going to be that lonely girl, then i want to be that one who sits at the coffe place, sipping here drink and staring out of her window with this movie-star look in her eyes...
I dont want to be that girl who is hiding in the library because she doesn't want to be seen by anyone

Will thing be okay for me? i really dont know..the worst thing s that i dont have anyone to comfort me, i dont have anyone who would tell me that i am not alone, with my best friends all slaving away, studying, i don't know what to do.

Sitting at home, reading inspirational quotes which my friends send me because they are far too busy studying to say to my face, it really puts the cherry on top of my very miserable day...
But hey, it happens to everyone right?