Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Its all you.. No luck, no fate, no destiny. Its just been you all along :)

Have you ever wondered about life...you know just wondered what its all about?
                If your answer was no then...welcome to the club!I never actually did think about it (like your average teenager, things like "Is butter fat?" or "Omg! Wat shld i wear 2moro? O.o" are FAR more important than completely irrelevant matters like life right? )
           Well nevertheless (I cant believe that "nevertheless" is just a fancy way of saying but. Wow..well I might as well use Shakespearean language if Im going say something which actually means something!) here I am, talking about living and all that groovy stuff (there goes my language.)                 Anyway before I get sidetracked and completely forget what Im talking about...let me continue- I came across a blog post which asked an interesting question.

"Do we make our own decisions or is everything in life predetermined?"

Now that IS  a question to think about...Do we actually make the decisions we "think" we are making or is this some sort of screenplay which God wrote out for us in the beginning of the world (I don't know what atheists will have to say for this one :)
                    Do Fate and Destiny really exist? I think not.
If they did exist then we all have someone to blame...prisoners everywhere would say that dying in Jail was their "destiny" or Murderers will say that it was by "fate" that they killed some poor unsuspecting person..

                                No I think Life is like this Giant Obstacle Course, we all constantly face problems (which I have to admit might have been put there by God- well that does sound like fun doesn't it?) but its how we deal with our problems that matters. Every single problem we face has more than one solution- we ALWAYS have options! Always!
                                 Its the path we pick/the option we choose that defines our life- we make our lives not anyone else! Its kinda like an adventure...if you ever feel like there's no way out-You're probably wrong, every problem has a solution. If I were in that place, I would look harder (Now I feel like I'm trying to talk someone out of killing themselves- I've never done that before, it makes no sense to me that someone would want to stop halfway)
                            Anyway, Fate and Destiny are FAR too Hollywood to be trusted in. To be honest real fate and destiny just exists in movies (and in the lives of those lucky people who live the life of a movie -_-)
          So if you think that taking that wrong turn and meeting the guy of your dreams along the hallway is fate...you're wrong. You chose to take that wrong turn and he chose to be there at that particular moment :p (Not to ruin anything but the guy's probably been stalking you for a week)
                            There may be some unexplainable things out there but we really do reap the fruits of our own actions (Now we sound like farmers don't we? :)
                             I know it would make a far more exciting post to write about Love, Faith and Dreams (thats the dream topic :) but then again while Love Faith and Dreams are all real, they can't be used as  this excuse for all our problems..can they? Lets just finish our adventure yeah?

So I think you should congratulate yourself for living- because we all knowhow much hard work it is...and to think you did it without any help! Its all you :)

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