Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ok this is REAL. THIS IS DEFINITELY REAL! (Or is it?)

                                          You may be wondering why I'm freaking out (or you might ignore it all and then just leave the page, secretly asking yourself what you are doing with your time) but I'm going to freak out a little longer.. OMG! OMG! OMG! 
I don't know whether this is some sort of a gimmick or not but apparently
.  (click on the link for the full story)
I know it sounds ridiculous when I say it, but I really think its true..
Whats true? here's the story:
Yesterday in one of its statements NASA stated that their rover had found two "elephant sized" stone tablets, one of them with the 10 commandments engraved on it, the other simply said "I am Real" (in English) Both tablets were signed "Peace and Love- Yahweh" *mind blown*
                              Ok I better admit that the source was COMPLETELY un-credible...that is, it was all some huge joke which someone dreamed up (a pretty good joke too...) Apparently the website I found it on was a "satirical". (This lead to my emergency googling of the word 'satirical'-it basically means sarcastic...I mean who does that? Why would you write satirical if you could just say sarcastic? Their fancy language led to my panic attack- I actually wrote the first two paragraphs of this post while still freaking out) 
                                        Of Course, I'm a Christian and I should have been all happy and rejoicing over the whole deal , but instead I freaked out completely, I thought the entire story (of Christianity) was just some fake thing that somebody pasted in our minds, this could be any time and space traveling freak! who knew? (Excuse the craziness but thats what I genuinely thought...after all I just finished my first Sci-fi series today *yay me!* to be honest, I don't even like sci-fi, I just thought that reading it would make a good experience) 
                           And thus was all because I know that God doesn't have to write "Im Real" on a giant tablet on Mars to actually be real. On the contrary, if this IS real...then something is definitely up...God isn't a faker who does everything for show...he isn't one of us humans...he's a lot more than that..
sometimes, you just have to believe WITHOUT having to try it out yourself :p

Well anyway, Im not actually going to talk about Atheists in this post (or in any other post for that matter) I'm just not interested in starting a cyber war
                          What I really wanted to share was the site I found the original "God Exists!" thing on... its all so real, its just like reading a real newspaper, I real this totally convincing article of an interview with Selena Gomez about her ex-boyfriends dick size! (lol i cant believe I just said that), Justin Beiber compares himself to God, and Barack Obama rates the first ladies of the world :p
Dont frget to check it out for some good laughs :) Daily Currant- Google it!
 and if you have a stupid friend (someone like me :p) then you can have some fun :p