Sunday, November 11, 2012

Im not a victim,Im a survivor

Thats what ive been telling myself all day...I kno i kno it sound lke im a child abuse victim. But what im going throug is almost as bad.Today is my birthday and all the worst things have been happening to me.
   My parents have done the ultimate THEYVE REMOVED THE LOCK ON MY ROOM AND BATHROOM DOOR!!!!! ok they havent removed the bathroom lock but theyve sill removed my rooms lock and now i have 0 privacy... all this on my birthday with no birthday present :(
    I mean who lives a life where heyre birthday is the same as every other day huh?
I was just remembering last year in my old life before evertything wierd hapopened back when i had friends, back when i had a boyfriend, back when my birthday meant everything. Last year i woke up to the best day of my life, my BFFs (who moved away to the evil USA last summer) were there we weree yelling and walking all over my bed and the first song i heard on that day was 1D and it was from my bf. It was amazing i got to skive off from scool that day and we did a bunch of emorable stuff and pulling off some amazing escapes from our parents (: it makes me smile just 2 think about it :)
    But things have changed so much in the matter of one year. Ok theres nothing i can do by just whining and pining over last year because thats over but it looks like that part of my life is over
it really feels like im gonna lead the life of a prisoner now....
 damn high school sucks when you dont have your best friends with you