Saturday, November 10, 2012

To Mother,

i found another use for contacts today....they help keep your eyes dry in best of times. So im sitting here with almost no emotions whatsoever just because i cant cry when ive got my contacts on,if i take them off the first thing id do is take the phone and cry all over my best friends.
   But im doing the sensible writing it all down so that one day when im rich and famous and standing in the hall of fame i can look back at it all and smile (sorry im crying with my words cos i cant with my eyes)
    Okay so when you get into an argument with your parents what do you do exactly? you yell at each other and then thinks are chilly for atleast a week, but you STILL dont win unless some miracle happened and your parents arent as blind as a my granny in the dark(she couldnt find the light switch to the bathroom so she had to have a remote control installed *talk about lazy! she didnt have to move from her couch all day)
   Parents thin they understand and they think that you can talk to them..thats one type of parents
What about my parents they dont have a type theyre just abnormal and crazy and going to make me psycho
im allowed in theyre house only because , according to them, of THEYRE bad luck
tommorows my birthday and i havent even gotten a birthday present because my "grades are too low" and "ooh baby...when was your birthday again?" and "we dont have to get you a present for your birthday, if we think you are worth it then we'll buy you a little something"
                 all im saying is that some of us have relly terrible parents..ones that wont even ge us presents for our birthdays so all other people out there have just got to know that tey are lucky :p

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