Monday, November 12, 2012

it my right isnt it?

okay i wanna talk about rights..our constitution gives us the right to personal liberty right?(yes it does) so now that i dont have a  lock on my bedroom door i think ive been deprived of my right to personal liberty(yes i looked those terms up in my history book) so i was just voicing this opinion when my dad got all angry and stared yelling at me.
    He told me that ive got o respect my parents no matter what nd thats wen i asked him y i didnt get a bday present he was all like i dont have to, its not my job nd shit like that! i told him that i wanted my room lock back he said i dont get it back bcos i dont respect him enough!! He said that i never ever listen to him so he isnt going to listen to me? but hey! i dont care about the birthday present i just care about the fact that most people are happy after their birthdays because people call and wish and remember them, but for me tings have just become worse :(
   I think theyre planning to take away my room next ill have to share with my brother. thing are just steadily becoming worse :( i mean i already do share my room with the rest of the family because becuse NOW they get to walk in nd out weneva they like :(
  my mom said I live a really luxurious life but now i feel like im living in poverty i mean we hav 2 GUEST bedrooms in our house  i have to share a room!!!!!!!
 WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE ALONE WHEN WE WANT TO, DONT WE?(that wat i told him, ok yelled at, him yesterday night)