Sunday, February 9, 2014

Quote of The Day ~ JK Rowling

           It's my second day trying to keep a (late) resolution and I'm already tired haha. Well I'm sure it just needs getting used to..

It's our decisions that make our life, it's our choices that make us.
It all seems so simple, just pick a path every time you reach a fork in the road. But it's not. There's always that creeping thought of "what if I'm wrong? what if the other path was better?". A lot of us linger at the fork in the road... but I think the secret to not lingering is knowing that there is no better path.
                   Because there are no right and wrong decisions...(this is life after all, not some obscure Calculus test- this wasn't even meant to be a joke...NEVER guess on a Calculus test). Every decision you make is going to be the one for you, it's going to be the one that makes your life.
         That's why decision making shouldn't take that long at all, just trust yourself and pick a path and just know that this one is the one for you, know that this one's going to make your life, your life

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