Monday, February 10, 2014

Quote of The Day ~ JRR Tolkien

         I'm on my way to school and I'm driving like a crazy person (I'm already usual) when I see this adorable quote on the car in front of totally made my day and I don't even know why...

              This quote makes me think of all those people who demand of me of my "ambitions" a.k.a my college/career thing, those people who look disapproving when I say that I have no idea what and where my first job is going to be. I think that living is about lingering about to smell the roses...I mean what's the point of walking through a rose garden if you run through the entire thing and don't smell a single rose? (I think someone said that already haha) 
                  I hate it that we have to make plans for life....and these "plans" aren't general ideas, they're more like elaborate blueprints that need to perfect down to 5th decimal place. What's the fun if you know exactly what you're going to do every single moment of every single day? I don't think that making goals and working towards them is the way life works. I mean yeah...making short-term goals to reach your long term lifetime-achievement-thing is a good idea for organizing....but living in the moment is wayy