Saturday, February 8, 2014

Quote of the Day ~ John Green

Okay (they really need to accept that the word is spelled as OK), I've decided that I really need to start doing Quote of the Day posts.
                       It's kinda (they need to accept that 'kinda' is a word too :/ ) like a late New Years Resolution along with my No Jeans For a Year resolution (which, not surprisingly, I haven't broken yet haha).

Okay here goes nothing: (is it weird that I've never really understood that phrase?)

That's what my philosophy in life has always been...What is the point of not striving for excellence when you can? Why don't we all want to be remembered? Why doesn't everyone want to change the world? Why is it that everyone mourned for Paul Walker for days and no one even thought about the other guy in his car?
         But then I thought, what is remarkable? What does it mean....that word, remarkable. Remarkable doesn't mean remembered does it? No. Something remarkable is something that makes you feel happy when you're done, that warm fuzzy feeling of "I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing". Being you is being remarkable.   
            I know the world regards that Harvard-graduate-and-married-to-someone-10x-hotter-than-most-people-and-earns-more-than-90%-of-the-worlds-population as a "remarkable" person. But I think that a remarkable person would be that ignores everyone else and tries to be him/herself. Because being yourself makes you happy. And being happy, really happy, in a world like this is very remarkable indeed
               And I mean that in the least pessimistic way... It's just that, it's hard to hear yourself think in the loud loud world, it's loud enough to get in everyone's brains. The noise of everyone comes in waves and it washes over us, it washes over us so and makes us forget that it's not us thinking but everyone else. The world invades our minds and sometimes we don't even know it. What would be remarkable is doing what you really want to do, knowing what really makes you happy; not what makes you happy because it makes everyone else happy. I think that its really remarkable to wade through your world invaded mind and find what you really makes You happy. 
            So yes, there is no point in living if you're not going to do the remarkable, that is find yourself and do what you want to do. After all, being remarkable wasn't being remember-able, and it wasn't leaving a was being yourself and being happy :)