Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quote Of The Day ~ Paulo Coelho

                          Okay it's been more than a week since my last "Quote of The Day" post. I figured that since it doesn't say Quote of Every Single Day, I didn't have to do one every day. But I felt terrible about it all the same. I've been hiding from this page all week. Actually, I've been feeling like a total failure. But two whole dozens of cheesecake-muffins and one pizza (which I baked but didn't eat. Yes, they were that bad) later, I feel better. This is MY blog, I get to write what I want (oh the freedom of owning a webpage!).

Bucket Lists. That's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see this quote.
                         People are always talking about holding it out and having fun after. I hate to be pessimistic, but what if there is no after?

The idea of saving up when we're young to have the perfect retirement annoys me. It totally contradicts the commonly used (to the point of annoyance) phrase, 'Live While We're Young'. However, even the cliche-ness(?) of the phrase cannot take away it's truth. The young years turn out to be the best years of most people's lives (I'm sure it's not just my grandparents who used to recount their youth more than actually talk about the present). I always got the vibe that old people considered youth a treasure.
                    So why waste youth? Why waste it to worry about later? Why not live while we're young?
At 21 (22?), too many people are worried about a sustaining job; a job that'll pay not just the bills (because that would actually make sense) but also the mortgage and prep school for the non-existent kids and a retirement home in Aruba. 
             That's not what you're supposed to care about at 21 (or 22), I think that the 20s are the perfect time to figure things out, do what you want to do with life. They're that time when you're unencumbered; you can follow your dreams, because there's nothing and/or no one holding you back. It's just you against the world.

Don't make bucket lists! Do things when you're young. Because Bungee jumping at 80 isn't really advisable :)