Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I can't think of a remotely nice sounding name for this post...... The Good Things About Finals (to put it bluntly)

Finals week is burning through....and really fast too.
                I wish I could be one of those people who complains about studying and finals fever and stuff...but it feels like just any other week to me (with an abnormal amount of just-opened-my-text-book-for-the-first-time paper flips and coffee in the air).
                       If you want instant stress relief during finals (not that anyone would even be online during finals week except to post updates like "3 more days!" or "#finalsStress #DidntStudy #feelingNerdy + *fake nerdy picture with a textbook*"), you shouldn't come to me because I am, that person who doesn't stress about these things.....like ever.....

Okay maybe I'm only kidding but Finals is actually a relief after regular school time

Reason #1: The day is incredibly short! No more wasting the entire day at school because you get to spend the rest of the day *studying*. I'm pretty sure most people only use like 20% of that time to study. The rest of it is meant for enjoying the late morning which, in case most teenagers haven't noticed, is something we don't get to do very often thanks to school!

I'm so cool Hipster Owl :)
Reason #2: No more dealing with annoying people. All we have to do is get to class, do whatever they tell you to do for two short hours and get to leave. Aand there's a bonus! The two *short* hours involved 0 to minimal interaction with the otherwise annoying fellow students (who really are a pain, with all their little dramas and would-be cool attitudes-- "Duuuuuude, I listened to that before it became mainstream....... *talking to him/herself in a loud voice for people to hear" or "OhmiGod! she's such a bitch!! *two minutes later* I'm so hipster yo, I hate high school drama...I'm above that shit.")

Reason #3: Once we're done with a subject, we don't have to think about it until next year. Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? (even though next year is like 3 weeks away and all the amazing vloggers and viners have already started making "What happened in 2013" posts.... Honestly, I think they're totally rushing things, WE'VE GOT 3 MORE WEEKS! THINGS COULD HAPPEN! Don't start talking about 2013 like it's dead....yet. 
           Things like this really stress me out- like the fact that a whole year has gone by and i still sometimes write 2012 on my papers, or the fact that I have completed a total of 0 of my new years resolutions and I'm probably going to have to start thinking up new ones for 2014 now..... I'm seriously thinking of not making any resolutions this year. What's the point? These New year things serve as a reminder to our- I say "our" because I know that 70% of the population didn't fulfill their's either (I should be making a survey about that! okay one High School Survey On New Years Resolutions coming right up!)- laziness and also show my (our?) naive nature from a year before. Okay now it's me doing it. Let's stop. No more talk of the new year, let's enjoy what we have left of 2013, we haven't even had Christmas yet...Who's talking about Christmas? Christmas is good...Shiny lights and candy... and Baby Jesus (I meant Baby Jesus first of course :p))

Okay I just got really really back-tracked and I don't really feel like deleting everything that I wrote, I don't even feel up to moving it to a separate post for itself. So I guess this will just have to be the "What's good about Finals (+ teensy tiny rant about new year)" post. 

Well that final rant really took the steam out of me haha, I really can't go any longer about the good things about finals....All I was trying to say that it's ONE WEEK. and it's the one week before winter break! We've even got a nice prize in the end! 
                       Finals is a race which is slow and breezy, no need to get worried, just keep your eye on the prize. Winter Break! It'll be over real quick.

In the mean time, don't forget- we still have three weeks! Maybe one of your resolutions can be done in 3 weeks! (trust me, keeping a resolution is one of the best feelings in the world- it's like the feeling you get when you're lying in bed, half asleep and listening to someone else get ready for work :)

Happy Finals everyone! And happy holidays (as in Christmas)!

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