Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014! (I promised myself I wouldn't say YOLO)

Just in case you've been living under a pile of work (or have just been avoiding television and instagram and other evil-society-things ever since the Great Miley Cyrus Incident - which is fine actually)...
               Living in the slowest time zone in the world can be a pain some times, but at least i still get to hold onto 2013 a leetle bit longer; this year has been....just like any other year of my life - perfect in it's own way. Because I wouldn't change anything about anything in my life- it wouldn't be mine if I did :)
       My New Year's resolution is going to be 'No Regrets', I know the whole "Life's too short" and "YOLO" phrases have been overused (and totally hated- with good reason too) but I have to say it...Carpe Diem (I would say "seize the year" in Latin to sound more fancy but year in Latin isn't very pretty). There's no point in regretting what you've done, just go with it! 
                   The idea of life is to write a good story, to paint a good picture- to have something beautiful at the end of it. It's not about being correct all the time and always doing what's right in society's perspective, because a "correct" picture is a neat one, where all the all the shapes are geometric and all the colors are within the lines. It's not real. 
This is harder than it looks (took me close to a half hour to make)
No one has a life that looks like that. You can't always do what's expected, you can't always do what society says is perfect.....because then you'll end up with a picture like that ^ 
                           It's our mistakes, our sudden decisions, random mood swings and crazy days that make us who we are. So let's wear our mistakes loud and proud! Because we all know that perfection includes all those little things that make us who we are. It's our choices that make us different. It's our choices that help make our masterpiece. So whatever you do, don't regret your decisions. You made them! They're the right ones simply because they're yours. These decisions make our lives, so let's make our lives whatever we want them to be...(here I am back to the Life's an empty canvas thing..)
I'm not suggesting anything by using Van Gogh. I'm not.

Lets make our decisions make a master piece for us!

So I really don't want to Wish anyone a Happy New Year....I'm willing everyone an amazing year....Absolutely willing you all to have a great year. Because we can't stop others from making us unhappy but we can stop making ourselves unhappy... 
If we stop regretting, half of the sadness is already gone. Half the happiness is already here!

(Don't hate on "YOLO", life is too short to have regrets. #yolo is actually deep haha :)

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