Sunday, December 15, 2013

Me vs.The Universe

“I don't want to stay in the bad place, where no one believes in silver linings or love or happy endings.” 

― Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook
This is probably the most famous quote from the book but I just had to put it in. It's not even my favorite quote, but it was begging. 
                         Because nobody wants to stay in a bad place. But we all do. the world is a bad place: nobody really believes in silver linings, nobody really believes in love and no one, absolutely Nobody believes in a happy ending.
                            It's almost a joke: life isn't a movie they say(The mysterious "they" strike(s) again), nobody has a happy ending. Nothing ever goes the way it's supposed to go. Life isn't perfect, it's an accepted fact. 
             There are people who can get you down; and sometimes, things just happen. You never get what you want and when you do, it's all just an illusion because nothing is really an ending- every little ending is just a new beginning with it's cruel little plot twists. 
                                 Is the universe really designed to make people sad? 

Is it designed to stop happy endings? If it isn't, then why don't they exist, happy endings I mean. Why does no one have one. Why is no one really happy? 

                      I'm making a lot of assumptions right now but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Nobody is happy. Nobody has happy endings and It's a waste of time really, looking for a silver lining, because - in case it hasn't been noticed already- clouds don't have silver linings.  
                            Random optimism ("Every cloud has a silver lining!" or "When one door shuts close, another always opens up :)" etc.) is great, but to really really be happy, one has to numb out negativity. Just ignore it. Because life's going to get you down, but you've got to ignore it and keep working. Everyone's gonna try and stop you but you can't be stopped

      I think the universe is working against us. It's making us feel like there's no such thing as love or happy endings or silver linings. It's destroying them for us. We have to ignore it.
               It's just that person in the corner with a bad attitude who's in need of some coffee. So what if the universe is a bad place, so what if the world is a place with apparently no silver linings and no love? 
            Even if the universe is working against us, it can never destroy us. It can give us a pretty rough time, it can take away our happy endings but in the end, it can't ruin us completely.
             Maybe we can't control the world around us but there's we can control ourselves. So it's our job to twist and dodge every shot the (evil) universe throws at us, sometimes it may give us a curveball, and we may feel hopeless. (It does seem hopeless doesn't it? when you've got the great big cosmos against you?) 
          But we have to get back up, We have to fight for our happy endings, fight to get them back. It may seem like no one's happy but after this war, we're all going to get them back, every last fair-tale. Because we're not going to lose to the universe which seems to be constantly working to bring us down.

                             It seems like a mess. But I'm waging a war with the cosmos.


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